Cognitive Communications Systems Laboratory



Ultra reliability, low latency, high throughput

Self-organizing networks

Cognitive operation, energy harvesting, lifetime extension

Wireless security

Information protection, legitimate surveillance, covert channel


Currently available positions:

  • Ph.D. program or Postdoctoral researcher position
  • Undergraduate researcher position

We are looking for a memebr with inquiring spirits and a certain level of experience in

  • Linear algebra
  • Optimization
  • Machine learning

About us

Cognitive Communications Systems Laboratory (CCSL) delves into the state-of-the-art communications systems that are designed by perception, learning, and adaptive approaches.

Our members specifically pursue the application of cognitive approaches to enhance a variety of the performance by 5G/6G communications systems, optimize “green” networks such as wireless powered communications, ensure the secrecy of classified information exchange, and proactively monitor suspicious user nodes for public safety.

The research themes including but not limited to:

  • 5G/6G communiations systems
  • Wireless powered communications
  • Physical layer security
  • Cross-layer security
  • Wireless surveillance
  • Proactive eavesdropping
  • Covert channel

Latest Posts

A new research project on Internet-of-Things protocols

A research project titled “Internet-of-Things Wireless Transport Protocol (IoT 무선 통신 전송 계층 프로토콜 연구)” funded by The Affiliated Institute of Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI) (한국전자통신연구원 부설연구소) begins soon.
The term of the contract is Apr. 2023. - Oct. 2023.

A new research project on secure LEO communications

CCSL is taking part in the research project titled “Space-Layer Intelligent Communication Network Laboratory (우주계층 지능통신망 특화연구실)” funded by Korea Research Institute for defense Technology planning and advancement (KRIT) (국방기술진흥연구소) with AI and Communications Networks Lab at Pukyong National University
The term of the contract is Dec. 2022. - Nov. 2028.

A new research project on secure communications

CCSL is taking part in the research project titled “Rate-Splitting Multiple Access (RSMA) Assisted Full-Duplex Communications in Cell-Free Massive Multi-Input Multi-Ouput (MIMO) Systems (전송률분할 다중접속 기반 셀자유 초거대 다중입출력 전이중 전송시스템 연구개발)” funded by Institute of Information and Communications Technology Planning and Evaluation (IITP) (정보통신기획평가원) with WiSL at Hanbat National University.
The term of the contract is Apr. 2022. - Dec. 2022.